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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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cultivate the Earth than to drink whiskey

We hope the great Spirit will permit some
of you to come and see us, when you will be able to
know whether you can do any thing for us or not

We delivered you the sentiments of our
hearts when we spoke to you at Baltimore

, and shall
say nothing more to you at present. We now take
each of you by the hand, and all the rest of our brothers
by the hand and thank you for the articles you were
so kind as to send us

We hope the Great Spirit will take
care of you your wives and children
Little Turtle, Miamie chief Five Medals Pottowattomie chief Respected Friends
The above is the truse substance of
what the little Turtle, Five Medals and others requested
me to write you
From your friend
William Wells
Evan Thomas
Joel Wright
George Ellicott

The subject of a visit being made to the Indians
agreeable to the desire they express in the foregoing letter
being solidly considered, the committee are united in
judgment that a visit at this time to them would
be the most likely means of obtaining a knowledge