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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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men say to him, the white people want for
nothing we wish them to show us how to pro-
cure the many good things we see amongst
them if it is their wish to instruct us Indians in
their way of living as they tell us it is we
wish them to make haste and do it for we are
old and must die soon, but we wish to see
our women and children in that Path which
will lead them to happyness before we die

We have examined the Treasurers Acct. &
find a balance in his hands of $1219 70/100

Signed on behalf of the Committee
Evan Thomas
Joel Wright
Ja. Mendenhall
As several years have elapsed since
the apointment of this committee, some of its
first number are deceased and others from their
distant situation & other causes do not find it
convenient to attend to the Apointment, we are
free to observe that we apprehend a bennefit might
arrise from the present committee being discountinued
an another appointed
Evan Thomas Joel Wright Ja. Mendenhall