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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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to the little Turtle

& other Chiefs and to be by them
disposed of to such of their people as they knew were desirous
of using them. We also wrote a letter to the Indians &
one to William Wells (the agent at that place) and have
received his Answer informing that on the 25th of the 7
Month last he had an account of these articles
being on the way from Cincinati and expected they
would deliver them as directed & that he would also
receive the Indians reply to our letter & forward it to
us. This we have not yet received.

The agent also informs that since there has
been no spiritous liquors in the Indian Country
they appear very industrious and are fond of raising
stock. He also gives it as his opinion that
the suppression of spiritous liquors in that Country is
the best thing that ever has been done for the Indians
by the United States, that there has not been one
Indian killed in that neighbourhood this year &
that there never has been a year before, since the
Treaty of Grenville in which there were less than 10
killed and some years as many as 30

The agent further adds that the Indians
appear very desirous of procuring for themselves
the necessarys of life in our way, but say they
do not know how to begin—some of their old