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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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At a yearly Meeting of Friends held in
Baltimore for the Western Shore of Maryland and
the adjacent parts of Pennsylvania & Virginia by
the adjournments from the 10th day of the 10th month
to the 14th of the same inclusive 1803
13 of the Mo. & 5th of the week

The report of the Committee on Indian Concerns
being read and considered* the satisfaction of the
meeting with their proceedings was expressed and the
proposition of releasing the present committee and
appointing another in their place claiming the
consideration of the meeting is united with, the
following friends are therefore appointed to that
service and desired to Pay such attention to the inte-
resting concern as they may be enabled to render to wit
Evan Thomas

Joel Wright Elisha Tyson Edward Stabler George Ellicott Jonathan Wright Gerard T. Hopkins John Ellicott Asa Moore Andrew Ellicott Caleb Bentley William Kirk Isaac Tyson Israel Wilson Henry Mills Jonas Cattell David Greave Elias Ellicott Jonathan Ellicott Benjamin Ellicott Philip E. Thomas Thomas Moore Jonah Cadwalader Samuel Snowden Wm. Stabler

Note * For which see Page 62 & Sequel