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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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of the Committee


Balt. 10 Mo 10 1803

At a Meeting of the committee on Indian
concerns the following report was agreed on
to the Yearly Meeting

The Meeting was last year informed
that the Western Indians in the neighbourhood
of fort Wayne

were desirous of engaging in the
cultivation of their lands, that they had requested
the assistance of Friends and that the President
of the United States was authorised to prohibit the
introduction of spiritous liquors amongst them. This
being the situation of the business, some of the committee
were impressed with a belief that it was necessary that
something should be done in it and accordingly
proceeded last spring for the use of these Indians 6
setts of Plough Irons and their apprentenances, such
as levers &c 10 leather collars, 10 Pair of harnis, 10 Pair
of Iron Chains, 10 back bands 50 axes 6 Mattocks
6 Iron wedges 6 Maul rings & 50 Hoes which were
sent in packages to Pittsburgh from whence they were
to be immediately conveyd to Fort Wayne & deliv-
ered as a present from the Society of Friends here