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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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as the obstructions that have heretofore prevented
Friends from moving forward in extending to
The Western Indians the benefits, some years ago
contemplated by the Yearly Meeting

appear to be
now removed,--but the distant situation of many
of the committee from each other—the difficulty and
even impracticability of obtaining a general
Meeting with the Core state of the friends have indu-
ced us to believe that it may be right for us to submit
the subject to the Consideration of the Meeting for
sufferings for their Cordial sympathy advice, and if
they may believe it right their co-operation

Evan Thomas John McKim David Brown Elias Ellicott Moses Dillon Jonathan Wright Geo. Ellicott Joel Wright
At a Meeting of the Committee 8th 2 Mon 1803

The Committee being encouraged by the Meeting for

Evan Thomas

Geo Ellicott & Joel Wright are
appointed to procure implements of Husbandry and
other useful articles for the benefit of the Indians—
the amount not to excede four Hundred Dollars
and endeavour to have them reasonably conveyed to the
neighbourhood of fort Wayne & report to the next meeting