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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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direction & management of Indian Affairs, & informed
them that Government had agreeable to the request
of the Indians established a trading House at fort

, that they were in want of several persons of
our Society qualified for different departments such
as Blacksmiths Carpenters & Superintendants, that they
wanted a Carpenter & Blacksmith such as can
make and mend Ploughs, Looms farming utensils &c
that they wish to employ such as are exemplary
in their conduct and are concerned for the
promotion of the work in prospect to whom they
offer a generous compensation

Baltimore 10 Mo 13 1802
Signed on behalf of the Committee
Evan Thomas George Ellicott Joel Wright

Then adjourned

At a meeting of the committee on indian concerns
held at Balt. 7th of 2 Mon 1803

The following Applications to the meeting for
Sufferings was agreed upon by the members present,

We of the Committee appointed by the Y. M.

on Indian affairs impressed with an idea of importance
of the object of our appointment the situation in which
we are placed, and with a full persuasion that the
situation of the business requires speedy attention—