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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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since last year though we have given some attention
to the subject of our appointment and having pre-
pared a letter to the Indians it was forwarded in
due season to San Dusky

but the person who was
requested to communicate it to them in the 6
Month being at home our address was returned
Without being communicated to the Indians

Balt. 10 Mo 13 1801 Signed on behalf of 10 Members
who were present
Joel Wright

Then adjourned

At a special Meeting of the Committee
on Indian concerns held at pipe Creek the 24
of the 5th Month 1802

The proceedings of a part of the Commi-
ttee who had a conference in Baltimore

sundry Indian chiefs respecting introducing
amongst them some of the arts of civil life &
also respecting the pernicious effects of the
introduction & use of spiritous Liquors & who
had presented a memorial to congress on the
last mentioned subject were communicated &
approved their communications to & from
the Indians being as follows