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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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of the abundant use of Spiritous Liquors amongst
your people apprehending it did them much injury &
if continued you might prevent our being capable of
rendering you much service

Brothers We are listening to hear what you have
to say to us and have sent you this speech appre-
hending you have not understood what has been hereto-
fore communicated to you and lest you have not
understood it we again ask you if you are willing
to have your children instructed at home on your
own lands how to raise plenty of corn, make
cloathes & build houses, to keep your old men, your
women & Children warm when the weather is cold
and that you may not suffer for want when game
gets scarce in your hunting country

Balt.4 Mo 17 1801
George Ellicott Joel Wright Israel Janney Gouldsmith Chandlee

Then adjourned

At a Meeting of the Committee 10 Mo 13 1801

present 10 Members

The following report to the Yearly Meeting
was agreed on

To the Yearly Meeting now siting

We have received no accounts from the Indians