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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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10 Mo 16 1799
about the time adjourned to 11 of the Committee

The friends appointed to prepare a report to
the Yearly Meeting

produce the following which
was agreed on

To the Yearly Meeting now sitting

The Meeting was last year informed that a
sub committee was appointed to visit some
Indians on the Muskinghum

with liberty if they
should believe it necessary to afford them some
assistance, who last spring reported that they had
made some provission for 8 or 10 families on the
Turkerawars branch of that river who appeared in
a situation of distress, they also provided several
kinds of farming utensils which are not yet
delivered to the Indians

Soon after this report was received a Speech
from the principal Chief of the Wyandots

received by the way of Philad. of which the following
is a copy
For which see Page 32
on the invi-
tation contained in this speech from the Indians
five Friends were appointed to attend their Council
at San Dusky at the time they had proposed four of
whom proceeded on the Journey and have produced