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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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which we were desired to take with us to Friends they
expressed the gratitude they felt for the care and
friendship their beloved brethren the Quakers had always
manifested for the Indians & informed us that as
soon as the grand Council met they would communi-
cate to it the concern which our society now felt
for their improvement and inform us by a written
speech of their conclusion thereon

While we were at San Dusky and other
Indian Villages our minds were often deeply
affected under the sorrowful consideration of
the baneful effects of spiritous Liquors on them
they being supplied with it in almost every village
by Cannadian Traders residing amongs them and
we are confirmed in the opinion from furnishing
them with this distructive article in exchange
for their skins & furs they will not easily be
persuaded to turn their minds towards agriculture
and the useful arts. At the same time we have
no doubt but these unprincipaled men will make
use of the great influence they have over the Indians
to keep them in their present way of living as most
conducive to their own interest, notwithstanding
which present discouragement, they great affection
they have fore our society manifested on all occasions