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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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the prudent conducting of the matter may be of
great importance

As you are better acquainted than we are
with the mode of conducting business with the
Indians if you think a Belt of wampum will
be necessary on our part you will please to
procure one for us suitable for the purpose to
be forwarded with the orriginal Speech &
Belt received by you and we will remit you
the Amount as soon as you advise us thereof

Signed on behalf of the Committee
By Joel Wright
Balt. 3 Mo 24 1799

Then adjourned

At a Meeting of the Committee on Indian
affairs held at Baltimore 10 Mo 15 1799

Present 12 Members

The Committee appointed to visit the Indians
brought in the following Report

For which see Page 40

Israel Janney.

Geo. Ellicott. Joel Wright &
Elias Ellicott are appointed to prepare an
essay of a report to the yearly Meeting and
produce it to next sitting

Then adjourned to the 7th Hour to
morrow afternoon