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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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guard against raising their expectations—A speech
was sime time ago communicated to some of
the chiefs of the Wyandot Nation

at the Upper
San Dusky
, with a view to inform them that
we were desirous of turning their minds to some
of the most simple arts of civil life and wished to
know of them whether it would be agreeable to
make such a movement they informed us
that they would lay the subject before their
Council and return an answer—a Copy of
the Speech was left with them address to the Chiefs
of the Wyandot Shawanesse & Delaware Nations
and of which we herewith hand you a Copy

We should have been pleased with the
reception of the orriginal Speech of the Wyandot

Chiefs and the belt of Wampum, with a Copy
of that from the Delawares & Miamies the
latter being we expect of the Shawanese Nation
five of our number are now appointed to
attend at San Dusky at the time the Wyandot
Chiefs have proposed of which you will please
to inform the Superintendant and communicate
to us such further information on the subject
as you may conceive to be necessary we also
suggest the propriety and usefulness of your app-
ointing few friends to unite in the visit, since