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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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Evan Thomas

Geo Ellicott and Joel Wright are
appointed to draw an Essay of an answer to the
communication of the committee of the Yearly Meeting
of Philadelphia and produce it to our next Meeting

Then adjourned to the 9 Hour tomorrow Morning
3 Mo. 24, 1799

The committee met and the essay of a letter
in answer to that rec. from Philadelphia

approved was signed & directed to be forwarded
being as follows

To the Committee appointed by the
Yearly Meeting of Philadelphia to promote the
Civilization of the Indians

Dear Friends
The corresponce has on
our part been suspended till some Acc. should
be received from the Western Indians which
is now communicated to you they probably
conceiving that Friends wherever situated act
as one Body united—and as Friends in Pensylv.
have had a correspondence with them at
times from the first settlement of the Country
and as they in their present address have aluded
to former transactions it seems the more necessary
for us to apply to you for information on
that head—Aware of our own inability at present
to do any great matters we have endeavourd to