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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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Brethren Listen!
By strictly adhering to the
treaty of brotherly love which our Grandfathers
(who now exist no longer) formed for us and our
future generations we will the more peaceful-
lly and quietly wander upon this earth, on
which the great Spirit, the master and all
things was pleased to plant us, the read People
and then you our white Brethren among us
and our and children will walk the
longer—likewise our young men—and old people
upon the earth,

Signed Tarhie (Crane) Ska hon wot (Standing Tree) John Adams Mai i rai (walk on ye water)

After some time spent in a solid & weighty
attention to the pact of the communication
from the Chiefs of the Wyandot Nation

of Indians
relating to a visit at the time proposed, the follow-
ing friends are added to the committee heretofore
appointed, who are desired to endeavour to visit
those Indians agreeable to their request in order
to cultivate a friendly correspondence and
afterwards if they find the way open to afford them
assistance viz. Evan Thomas & George Ellicott