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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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them and a speech we have lately received from
the Delawares leaves scarce a doubt but a like
request will be made from that nation—hitherto
we have proceeded no further than to furnish the Mia-
with two plows a Harrow, gears, and sundry
useful articles nor is there a prospect of our
making a settlement amongst them soon

Accompanying the Delaware Speech was
one from the Wyandot Nation a copy of which
we enclose you they were both delivered us by
Jonathan Shefflin superintendant of Indian
affairs in that Country as we have had no com-
munication with the Wyandotts, save some
friendly attention to two of their chiefs who
were in this City conformable to our usual custom
when Indians come here we enquired of Jonathan
if he knew on what their expectation of
a visit was founded as we had given them none
he informed us it was an answer to a few lines
which were signed by two or three friends and left
at their Village as when they were there the
Indians were generally out a hunting—We suppose
it must have been those friends of your Committee
who were in that Country as from us none have
as yet been amongst the Nations West of the River
. If you have any answer to make thereto