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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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articles as they may be in immediate want of and report
the state of the business to this committee at a future
Meeting. Rees Cadwalader

Nathan Heald and
Joel Wright are now nominated for that Service,

Evan Thomas

Elias Ellicott and Jonathan Wright
are appointed to assist the clerk in preparing a reprt
to the Yearly Meeting to contain the purport of the
above minute with the state of the fund. and sign
it on behalf of the committee

Then adjourned.

At a meeting of the Committee on Indian concerns
At Balt. 2 Mon 4th, 1799.

Present 9 Members

The following Report from the com. appointed
to extend care respecting some Indians on the Muskingum

being produced was read and their procedings approved

To the Committee on Indian Concerns,

In the course of an attention to our appointment we
proceded as far as George Town

on the Ohio river 65 Miles
from Redstone, with an intention of visiting the Mora-
vian Indians
on Muskingum and being there informed
that John Heckewelder their agent had lately gone
home to Bethleham and before his departure had
procured a supply of provisions for the winter for those
Indians, that they ware dispursed in hunting camps
and few of them at their Town, we did not think it
necessary, we proceded in that direction, but Thomas Smith