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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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which the chippeways

& ottoways two powerful Nations
have considerable influence and who have not yet
been addressed on the subject proposed to the Wyandots
Shawanese & Delawares

Redstone 12 Mo 21 1798
Reese Cadwalader Joel Wright

The Committee continued to proceed as
way may open & report when ready

Then adjourned.

At a special Meeting of the Committee
on Indian Concerns at Baltimore 3 Mo 23 1799

present 9 Members

The following letter & speech having been
received since last meeting were read

To The committee appointed by the Meeting of MarylandYearly
to promote to gradual
civilization of the Indian Natives

Dear Friends
We have for a considerable time
past believed advantage might arrise from an
epistolary intercourse with each other for as our
respective appointments direct the promotion
of simular concerns a knowledge of each others
prospects of labour (should any have opened) amongst
the Natives west of the river Ohio

may be more
especially useful the Miami Nation have made
a request to us for some friends to settle amongst