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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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We are not able to make you great
presents but we want to know if you desire to be
instructed in these things,

To which one of the Chiefs of the wyandotts


The head chiefs are very glad to
hear what you have said to them and thank you
for taking them by the hand, our young warriors,
our woman and children are all glad to hear what
you have said to us as the great Spirit above has
appointed this day for us to meet.

Those Friends also examined the situation of
the country in the neighbourhood of the head waters
of the Miami

Scioto and Sandusky rivers and
found most of the land to be of an extraordinary
quality for farming and on the head waters of the
Miami some good situations for mills,

Having proceeded thus far pursuant to the
directions of our last Yearly Meeting

the committ-
ee feel themselves streitned on account of the present
fund being altogether inadequate for enabling them
to fulfil the benovelent intention of the Yearly Meeting
it appearing to us that a less sum than 2000 dollars
would not answer the purpose for proceeding in
the business on a suitable plan and the sum