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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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At a Meeting of the Committee at Pipe Creek
26th 5 Mon 1798,

6 Members only being present
adjourned to meet at Balt. at the close of the
Meeting for Sufferings in 10 Mon next,

At a Meeting of the Committee at Balt. 16th of
10 Mo 1798

Present 17 Members.

A letter to a member of the committee
from John Hickewelder Agent for the Moravian
to the Indians was produced which being read
appeared to contain an application on behalf of the
Moravian Indians formerly residents on the Muskin-
gum river
who having been driven from their hab-
itations in the time of the late war are now
returning and represented to be in want of necessary
implements of husbandry and provisions the subject
appearing to require time time for deliberation the
Committee adjourned to meet at the 7th Hour this evening

Pursuant to adjournment 17 of the Committee
met and after some time spent in a solid attention
to the subject opened at last meeting it appears to be
the united sense of the committee present that it
will be right to appoint a few friends to inspect
into the circumstances of those Indians with liberty
if they shall believe is necessary to afford them some
assistance by the furnishing them with such assistance