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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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near a N. course 70 Miles thence westerly upward of 30
Miles to the head waters of the great Miami

of the
Ohio thence N. Easterly 50 Miles to the Upper San
an Indian Town on the San Dusky River
about 40 Miles above where it emties into lake Erie
thence S. Easterly about 120 Miles to the Muskinghum
and thence N. Easterly 80 Miles to the Mouth of
Wheeling aforesaid making in the whole a circuit of
more than 500 Miles west of the Ohio, and in the
course of this journey having visited a number of
Indian Hunting Camps and several of their Towns
they had large opportunity of discovering their present
situation often exposed to the inclemmency of the
Seasons with a very precarious and frequently a very
scanty supply of food & Cloathing, and from the know-
ledge they obtained of the extensive & Valuable Country
the Indians have lately disposed of by treaty to the
United States and of the land they have yet reserved for
their own use believe the line which is now run
according to said Treaty and the line of Garrisons
from Detroit to the head of Wabash river which
seperates the land now belonging to the Wyandots
Shawanese & Delawares from that of the Nations
Westerly they were impressed with a belief that those