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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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We have thought of you we have spoken
of the 16 council fires for you he has given us
liberty to come and speak with you, in your tents
to take you by the hand.

You being wise, you can think
what is to come—your land your hunting ground
is getting small, how will you your young
men, your wives and children live when the game
is chased away off the Lands lately given up to the
white people where many of you now hunt

The sons of peace the Quakers have
taken your brothers the Indians who live near
the great Lakes to the NE. by the hand they
are showing them how to live on little Land,
to raise corn enough for them to eat all the year
to Make Mills to grind their corn to build houses
and make clothes to keep them warm when the
weather is cold to teach their children to read
and write,

We are not able to make you great
presents but we want to know if you desire to
be instructed in these things—we want to make
for you smooth waters and a clear sky—to show
you how to spread for yourselves on your own