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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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Towns we have had large opportunity of discovering
their present situation often exposed to the inclemen-
cy of the Seasons with a very precarious and freq-
uently a scanty supply of food and cloathing &
from the knowledge we have obtained of the
extensive and valuable Country they have lately
given up to the United States and of the narrow
strip of Land yet reserved for their own use between
the line of American Garrisons from Detroit

the Mouth of Kentucky river we were impressed
with a belief that these who reside in this Country
the Wyandots, Shawanese & Delawares unless they alter
their present mode of living must in a few years
from the scarcity of game be reduced to a state
of extreme want and distress and in order to awaken
their minds to reflection on this subject and open
before them the desire Friends had to afford them
some assistance, by using some endeavours we got
an opportunity with two of the principal Chiefs of
the Wyandot Nation together with several of their
former warriors and young men and having Isaac
for our Interpretor we addressed them nearly
in the following words


We are about to speak to you with the
Mouths of a large council of the sons of peace the
Quakers who live on the other side of the great Moun-
tains towards the sun rising.