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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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land a large Beaver blanket, that you your
young men, your wives and children may rest easy
under the shade of the great tree of peace, Farewell

To which one of the chiefs made the following


The head chiefs are very glad
to hear what you have said to them, and thank
you for taking them by the hand, our young
warriors, our woman and children are all glad to
hear what you have said to us, as the great
Spirit above has appointed this day for us to meet,

They also assured us they would communicate
our message to their general council and return
a full answer

On enquiry we found that the Wyandotts

were the
principal nation that every thing of consequence
must be transacted in their council, that they
can transact business by themselves but the Dela-
and Shawanese, have to apply to them when
any matter of importance is laid before them,

Notwithstanding this information we took an
opportunity of communicating the substance of
the above address to one of two of the principal
chiefs of the Delaware nation

at Sandusky, but
our Interpreter an old man of that nation not being