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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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preceeding our next Yearly Meeting

At a Meeting of the Committee of Indian
concerns held at Baltimore the 7th of the 10 Mo 1797

present 9 Members

The following report was produced & read

To the Committee appointed by the Yearly Meeting
Of Maryland
on Indian affairs

For the purpose of furnishing the Committee
at large with more full & perfect information
respecting the situation and disposition of the Indians
the subscribers undertook a journey N.W. of the river

we set out from David Greave’s on the west
side of the Monongahila river about 240 miles
from Baltimore and traveled on a mean direction
a little S of W. about 130 miles to the Mouth
of Licking Creek on the W. side of the Muskinghum
thence near 5 to 80 miles to Chilecothe a town
on the Sciote river, thence up this river near a N.
course 70 miles thence near W. upwards of 30 miles
to the head of Mad river a branch of the great
Miami, thence E. of N. 50 miles to the Upper San-
dusky Town
about 40 miles above lake Erie. Then
S.E. 120 miles to the Mouth of Licking creek aforsaid
and thence nearly reversing our former route back.

In the course of this journey having visited a
number of Indian Hunting Camps and several of their