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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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to the reputation of the society we may be enabled to proceed

The above was directed to be transcribed and signed
on behalf of the committee and forwarded to the different
Quarterly & Monthly Meetings

Then adjourned to meet at Baltimore

The 2nd Mo next at the close of the Meeting for

At a Meeting of the Committee on Indian
Concerns held at Baltimore the 4 of the 2nd Mo 1797

present 8 Members

After some conference adjourned to meet at
Pipe Creek

at the close of the Meeting for sufferings
in the 5th Mo next with liberty for the Members
of the Committee in Baltimore town to call a meeting
sooner if they should believe it necessary

At a Meeting of the Committee on Indian
concerns held at Pipe Creek the 20th of the Mo 1797

present 9 Members

After a weighty conference on the subject of
our appointment Joel Wright

having expressed a willin-
ngness with suitable company to undertake a journey
N.W. of the river Ohio for the purpose of furnishing
the committee with more full information respecting
the situation and disposition of the Indians and the
Committee present appearing to approbate the proposal
leave him at liberty to pursue his prospects and direct
him to apply to the treasurer for money to defray
the Expence

Then adjourned to the 4th hour on 7th Day