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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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Evan Thomas John Wilson Balt. 10 Mo 13 1796

N.B. The Stock in our treasurer’s hans in $514 90/100

Then adjourned

At a meeting of the Committee on Indian concerns
Held in Baltimore the 15 of the 10 Mo 1796

It appears by a minute of the Yearly Meeting

now produced that the following Friends are added to the
Committee viz.
Reese Cadwalader Thomas Farquhar Joel Wright James Mendenhall George Ellicott James M Grew and
desired to proceed in obtaining the necessary information &c

Joel Wright

is appointed Clerk

On a deliberate and weighty attention to the subject
of our appointment we are unitedly of the Judgement
that the present state of the friend is inadequate to
fulfil the benevolent intention of the Yearly Meeting

and feel ourselves streitned?? in proceeding in the business
until it is increased and are therefore induced to
request the necessary attention of friends in each
meeting in forwarding to
Elias Ellicott our Treasurer
the sums already subscribed and endeavor to promote
an increase of the number of Subscriptions in order that