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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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and were there informed by Ebenezer Zane

a well
disposed man of good account in that place that a
number of chiefs and hunters had lately been about the
forks of Muskinghum river and that he thought it
likely they could accomplish their business with
them to satisfaction they accordingly proceed agreeably
to this information but found the chiefs dispersed in
different directions and that it was not practicable
to get them convened in a suitable manner for a
general conference—but were of opinion that if notice
of the intention of friends was intimated to the
Indians in a suitable manner and they requested
to fix a time and place of meeting a satisfactory
conference might be obtained as the disposition of
such of them as they had opportunity of conversing
with appeared favourable
The intention of friends being now a little known
amongst the Indians unavoidably also amongst some
other people and the funds to carry any thing of this
kind being yet too small, the business we think will
require attention oftener than would be convenient
for the Yearly Meeting, and are of opinion that
if the care of it was transfered to the meeting for
sufferings it would be useful and that some addition
to our number in this weighty undertaking woud
also be useful all which we submit to the Yearly

Signed on behalf of the Committee. By