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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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to make application and procure what you may
deem necessary and forward as soon as convenient
to our corresponding members John Brown

& John
of Baltimore which being the most parti-
cular of our business at this time we conclude
Your friends

Signed on behalf of the committee by

A letter to the Indians being also produced
and read after due deliberation thereon it was
concured with it being as follows

To the Chiefs of the Delawares Shawanese
and such other Nations of Indians as live conveni-
ent to and North west of the River Ohio

Our friends called Quakers at their
general religious Council in Philadelphia

agreed to take some of the Six Nations who live in
the North by the hand our religious Council
held last fall in Baltimore were also concerned
for your welfare who reside in the West and told
us to endeavor to speak with you and get ac-
quainted with your Nations for this purpose we
have sent our beloved brothers John Brown Israel
Jonathan Wright, Moses Dillon & Joseph Bond
to shake hands with you in your tents and to ask
if you wish to be instructed how to raise Corn