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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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wheat for Bread on your own Lands as we do
and to get meat at home without hunting & to
take blankets and other cloathing for yourselves
Children, and also whether you desire to have your
Children taught to read, write and do such other
things as will make you live comfortably under
the Shade of the great tree of Peace. We wish you
speak to us freely with the mouths of your Nati-
ons and if it is agreeable to you we will talk
to you again

Signed on behalf of
Your aforesaid religious Council of the People
called Quakers the 23 of the 5th Mo. 1796 by
Allen Farquhar Benjamin Walker David Brown Elias Ellicott Calib Kirk

On consideration of the Expences likely to attend
the visit to the Indians we think it right that
the treasurer should advance such sum as they
think necessary they to be accountable for the same

Then adjourned to meet again at Baltimore

the 9th hour on first day Morning at the time of
the Yearly Meeting

At a Meeting of the committee on Indian Affairs held at
Balt. 10 Mo 1796

The committee appointed to visit the Indians brought
in the following Report,