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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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visit the Indians

The committee yesterday appointed produced
a letter in answer to that rec. from the committee
of Philadelphia

which was approved and directed to
be signed by two friends and forwarded being as

Pipe Creek 5 Mo 23 1796
Dear Friends

The committee of our
yearly meeting

having now met at this place
your letter dated the 23 of the 3 Mo last was produced
and read which was satisfactory, as also your
proposal of corresponding with us when subjects
relative to the weighty concern respecting the
Indian Natives offer which we unite with, believing
that a mutual correspondence governed by a deep
attention to the concern bifore us may have its use

The subject of our appointment having been
weightily before us it appears to us the most effect-
tual way to get information respecting the Indians
North West of the river Ohio

to appoint some of
our number to pay them a visit in consequence thereof
we have appointed five friends to that service
John Brown Jonathan Wright of Monallan Israel
Moses Dillon & Joseph Bond, and as we
apprehend it may be necessary to have the perm-
ission of Government, therefore request your attention
to that subject and so far as you may think right