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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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This committee believing that such a correspondence
as is mentioned in the foregoing letter may be
useful Israel Janney

Caleb Kirk & Gouldsmith
are appointed to prepare an answer
and produce it to our sitting tomorrow.

The subject of our appointment coming
under weighty consideration and it appearing
to be the most effectual way of geting infor-
mation respecting the situation and disposition
of the Indian Natives appoint John Brown

Jonathan Wright Israel Janney & Moses Dillon
to pay a visit to the Delawares Shawanese Wy-
& other Nations Northwest of the River
Ohio, or such part of them as they shall find
freedom approbation of government being first
obtained & make report thereof when performed to
a future siting of the committee and the friends
appointed to prepare an answer to the committee of
Philadelphia are desired to prepare a letter to the
Indians on the occasion and produce it for
consideration tomorrow

Then adjourned to ½ past 8 o.Clock tommor-
row morning

5 Mo 23.

Eleven members
Joseph Bond

is added to the committee to