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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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, Superindendant of Indian Affairs who
resides at Conadarque in their country and
we have reason to believe has great influence
among them, being lately in this City, we
have fully and freely confered with him on
the present concern and had the satisfaction to
find him thoroughly disposed to render his best
Services therein, in which we believe he may
be singularly useful.

The distresses and difficulties
which these poor people labour under we believe
may in a great degree be attributed to their pro-
pensity to the use of Spirituous Liquors introduced
among them by Traders and Evil-minded men
who have been in the practice of taking advan-
tage of this weekness and cheating them of their
Skins and Furs, which instead of being applied to
the purchase of Cloathing and necessary articles
are too generally bartered for Rum and Whiskey
and thus through their attachment to this de-
basing and destructive Enjine of Satan, they are left
destitute and miserable, their morals corrupted and
as they come to reflect with coolness their minds are