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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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Elias Ellicott

was appointed to receive the several
sums of many subscribed in the Yearly Meeting and also
such sums as may be subscribed in the different Mon-
thly Meetings within the limits of the Yearly Meeting.

John Brown

and John McKim were appointed a
committee of correspondence.

On consideration of a time for the Committee again to
meet it is agreed to be at Pipe Creek

in the 5th Mo next at
the tim of Warrington Quarterly Meeting unless it shall
appear to the corresponding Members from Accounts, rec-
eived to be necessary to meet at an earlier period, in which
case they are requested to appoint the most convenient
plase and time for meeting and notify the members

At a Meeting of the committee
on Indian affairs held at Pipe Creek 22 5 Mo 1796

10 Members being present a letter from the corresponding
Committee on Indian affairs in Philadelphia

produced was read being as follows.

Philad.3rd Mo 22, 1796
Dear Friends

The Committee under appointment
of our last yearly meeting

for promoting the welfare of
the Indian natives have had divers conferences on
that interesting concern, and selected from their
Number a sub. committee of 15 friends to afford a
close attention thereto in the intervals between the
adjourned Meetings of the committee at large