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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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for one hundred & sixteen Dollars & sixty five six cents & took
his Note for the money, payable in one year with 6
Cent Interest from date, at the same time agreeing
with him, if if was most convenient to him, the Money
might lay longer in his hands, he paying the Interest
to our friends at Oneida, where we propose leaving his
note properly endorsed.

About 1 OClock set out for Oneida travelled about
22 Miles to J. Woodhulls, where we lodged.

5th day 21st

Proceeded on about 13 Miles to Cayuga
, thence crossing the same we arrived at several
stages, to the nine Mile Creek in Onandago Country
about 26 Miles. Here we lodged.

6th day 22nd

Set out about five in the morning crossed
Onandago Creek in about 9 Miles, thence to Conescara-
18 Miles, thence to Oneida Castle 12 Miles, where
we arrived about sunset, & were gladly rec’d by our
friends of this place.

We soon found after our arrival at this place, that
our friends here were under considerable discourage-
ments in various respects. They have never been able
to obtain a general council with the Indians since
the arrival of Wm Gregory, which is now about three