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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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him stating that he had agreed with workmen to com-
plete the work business.

About 12 OClock took leave of Capt Chapin &
others present & proceeded on, came up with my com-
panion at a tavern 4 Miles forward, & found our
Mare not disposed of, here we dined, then proceeded on
arrived at Jacob Smiths in the neighbourhood of Can
in the evening where we lodged, & were
kindly entertain’d.

3rd day 19th

Having now no business at Canandarque
we concluded to leave it on our right, & take a few
friends, who lay nearly in our direction to Oneida
making short stages amongst them, for this day &
past of tomorrow, in order to obtain a little rest and
refreshment for ourselves & horses.

About 8 OClock left our friend Jacob Smiths rode
to Nathan Cumstocks 6 ½ Miles, where we dined, in
the afternoon rode to Abrm Laphams 2 Miles, where
one of us staid the afternoon & lodged, having some
writing to do, the other paid a visit to some other
friends in the neighbourhood, & return’d next morning

4 day 20th

This day sold our Mare, saddle & bridle to
Abm Lapham, in the settlement of Canandarque