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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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accompanied Joseph Ellicot to Williamsburgh, that he
had engaged to call on him at this place & that he looked
for him here this evening, or soon in the morning. It was
therefore concluded best for one of us to stay here and wait
his arrival, whilst the other proceeded a few Miles further
to wait on some Men in the morning who had expressed
an inclination of purchasing our mare. This evening
wrote a letter to our friend at Genisenguhta, informing
of our present state, & the improbability of our being able
to send them a cow by the Indians as had been proposed.

2nd day 18th

About 10 this morning Capt Chapin ar-
rived; shortly after which obtain’d a conference with
him delivered Cornplanters message, & presented him
with a brief narrative of our proceedings in the Indian
country with which he expressed the fullest approbation
and his good wishes for the success of the undertaking.
He then enquired after our settlement at Oneida and
whether we would take that in our way home, adding
that on his last visit to that place, he was much pleas-
ed in observing the Improvement in that Nation
particularly with regard to fencing & c. & that he saw
numbers of the Men at work. He also informd that
he had empowered Abraham Vanaps to build a Grist
Mill for the Oneidas, & that he had rec’d a letter from