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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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ing home, but he knew it must be very agreeable
to us, as it also was to him, to be at home with our
families, but he had sometimes left home with
an expectation of returning in a few Weeks, & had been
obliged to stay a whole year, that he thought it his
duty, in such cases to sacrifice his private inclina
tion to the public good, and that he wished we could
find it right to do so too, but at the same time giving
us to understand, that if we could not make our
minds easy to stay, that he would give us up with
out thinking hard.

We then inform’d him, that if we were certain of
being of any use to them, we could chearfully submit
to stay, even another week with them, but that we
had enquired into the business, & had reason to hope,
that there was nothing intended but what was fair & clear
& that we were afraid, we should be spending our time
& money without doing them any good, if we staid longer
& that we were therefore most easy to proceed on our
journey. He then deliver’d a special message to
Capt Chapin, which we took down in writing rela-
ting to some money he had advanced on account of
two Indians, who had been tried for murder at Pitts-