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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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We felt in some degree the pertinence of this reason
ing, but not being quite clear in our own minds what
was best on the occasion, we concluded to take the
subject closely under consideration till tomorrow
morning, & inform'd him so, adding that we would
not go away without giving him notice, and an
oppertunity of speaking to us in the way proposed.

7th day 16th

This morning feeling our minds most easy
to move forward towards Conandarque; we had a con-
ference with Cornplanter, on the occasion observing to
him, that this was the last day of the week, that
Cap Chapin & others concerned were not yet come,
that tomorrow was first day, on which the white
people did not do business, that there was now no
probability, that they would set out from Conondarque
before second day, that they must be several days in
coming, so that the Council could not come on for
many days yet to come, that we had already been
longer out than we expected when we left home, that
we were anxious to get to our families, & that we
hoped he would give us up to set out this morning
to which he observed, that he could not tell what
reasons we might have for our anxiety about get