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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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advantage to the Indians, by our stay would counter poise
the expence & inconvenience attending it, & some hints of
our thoughts of setting out tomorrow morning, being
convey’d to Cornplanter, by his Son Henry, he in com-
pany with Wm Jonston as interpreter, came into the
apartment, where we were, & addressed us to the follow-
ing effect.

The difficulties of travelling through the
Wilderness, & the tediousness of doing public busi-
ness, you must be perfectly acquainted with, by your
own experience, in your late Journey, in the good work
you have now been engaged in, and I hope you will
try to make your minds quiet & easy to stay a few,
days with us, till our council can come on; that if
all things are right, so as to make our minds easy and
satisfied, we should be gald you should know it, that
you may tell it to your friends at home, & if things
are not right, & we cant be satisfied, we want you
to know it , so that you & your friends may help to
get them right, adding that when we should conclude
to go he ished to say something to us, to carry in writing
to Canandarque.