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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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council, and Wm Johnston informed that he had
mentioned to Farmer’s Brother, Cornplanters re-
quest respecting our attendance & that he expressed
his approbation with it, & also desired our attend-

This evening Henry Obeal arrived & informed
& inform’dhis father was just behind, & would be
here soon in the morning.

6th day 15th

This morning Cornplanter & his people
arrived, accompanied by a number of other Indians
from Catarawgus; He expressed his gladness to meet
with us here, & kindly enquired after our health since
we left his country; & also presented us with a letter
from our young Men dated the 12 Inst; informing
of their health, & peace of mind in their present si-
tuation, & that they got their corn in the Ground
the day after we left them; which afforded satis-

Captain Chapin not being come, & there being
no appearance of the council coming on for several
days we became seriously thoughtful of the rectitude
of our waiting much longer on the occasion & doubts
accompanied our minds, whether the probability of