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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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this day.

At this place we had left most of our linen & c. they
having kindly offered to wash it for us, which they
accordingly did, & we now found ourselves finely re-
cruited in that way.

5th day 14th

This morning about 8 OClock, took
leave of our kind Friends aforesaid, & set out for Buf-
falo crossed the Niagara about one & found it less
trying than before, as we prevailed upon the Ferry-
man to lash two boats together, which greatly contri-
buted to their steadiness & apparently to our safety
soon after we landed, we met our pilot John, mounted
on our Mare, which we had left at Buffalo, under
his care, he had ridden out on purpose to look for
us & was near the Ferry when we landed which
is about 4 Miles from Buffalo aforesaid.

He manifested his gladness to see us, as we were also
to see him & our creature safe.

When we arrived at Buffalo we found nei-
ther Cornplanter nor Capt Chapin had yet come
tho’ they were hourly expected.

We concluded to stay here this night & to feel after
what was best to be done with regard to waiting on this