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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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convey those sensations, which must accompany the
reflecting mind in the actual survey of it. The
continual rain & coldness of this place would not
admit of a long indulgence to our curiosity, we
therefore shortly returned, ascended with some dif-
ficulty the aforesaid hill & proceeded on our way
to Jeremy Moors, about 5 Miles from Chipaway,
here we got our horses shod & lodged this night.

About an hour after our arrival here a
friend also arrived from a Settlement called the
Shorthills, about 18 Miles from this place with
a message to Jeremy Moor & others in the neighbour-
hood, that some uneasiness had taken place about
their meeting house, which they had been attempt-
ing to build in that place, in consequence of
which the work was stoped, and could not go further
forward, till something was done to accommodate
it some appeared to be seriously affected with this
business, as it apparently wore some aggravating
symptons & expressed a particular desire that we
should attend a conference on the occasion, at the
Meeting house aforesaid some time tomorrow.
We agreed to take the subject under consideration
and to meet some of them at John Hills, about 6 Miles