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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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were employed in putting handles to their tools, havg
their Grindstone & c.

In the afternoon J. Sharpless & myself went
about a Mile up the River, in order to view a
small Creek that we were inform’d of as most
likely to afford a Mill seat; we went a consider-
able distance up the Creek found it had plenty
of fall, & appeared to have a sufficiency of water
with a good bank & place for a Mill, much out
of the way of floods which are sometimes great in
in this River, and at the Same time so that Canoes
might come up a short tail race to the Mill;
but against these advantages, the water must
be brought through, or over a quarry of slate
stone for near 20 perches, or otherwise by taking
the water out below said quarry, we supposed more
than 8 or 10 feet fall could not be obtained.

Mill seats are very scarce in this reservation,
we have yet seen none, excepting the above, that
appear worth building upon.

7th day 2nd

This day our young Men got to
their clearing again, and have about 1 ½ acre