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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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5th 31st

This morning took leave of Cornplanters fam-
ily & set out in a Canoe, for Genisenguhta to our
young Men accompanied by Cornplanter his son
Henry & one other, arrived there just after our goods
were unloaded; & gave to the boatman Thos Lelks
the aforesaid lines to Major Craig our letter to Genl
& that to Thomas Wister with several
others inclosed .

The remainder of the day was employ’d in
unpacking our goods & repacking them into our
Cabbin, several of the articles were wet but nothing
appeared much damaged.

We have received from Cornplanter, since we came
into this Country about half a hundred of flour, be-
sides several days board for two of us, for which
he refused taking any pay, we therefore this day
made him a present of six Bandana handker-
chiefs, (one for his Wife & one for each of his five
daughters) three small tooth combs, 2 pocket knives
one paper needles, 6 thimbles & 2 ¼ yards of Cloth
for his son Henry who has steadily attended on us
as Interpreter.

6th mo 1st

This morning being wet our young Men