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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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that these Men were set there to keep the young fel-
lows away, but neither of these answers accorded with
the appearances & countenances, which we saw frequent-
ly go in & out. In short we were strongly persuad
ed this astonishing scene was transacted as a ceremo-
ny, or rejoicing at the birth of a child, or otherwise to
keep the young Men at a distance, & thereby secure
that privacy the nature of the case called for & which
their houses were not calculated to afford.

4th day 30th

The forepart of this day was employed
in writing & c. about noon our goods arrived at this
place where the Boatman had agreed to deliver
them, we endeavoured to prevail with him to conti-
nue about 9 Miles further up the River to our
settlement, as there was no road to waggon them &
several of our packs were too large for canoes he
was very unwilling to comply but more especially
his Men. we at length effected our purpose upon the
following conditions: we gave him three Dollars
as a present, hired an Indian pilot for ½ a Dol-
lar & agreed to write to Major Craig of Pittsburgh
on his behalf, as follows, viz’t