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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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and enclosing a number of stones, or some other sub-
stances, with which they made a great rattling &
often running to the sides of a certain House rubed
them hardly up & down over the rough logs, thereby
greatly increasing the noise, & often accompanying
it with a hide our muttering sound out of their own
mouths, & almost all their gestures were complete-
ly frantic.

There were a considerable number of young
Indians collected to this scene, who were attempting
to look through the chinks of the house, where these
Monsters appear’d station’d as guards, but were re-
markably afraid of being caught by them, and
indeed these creatures seemed to perform their part
well in keeping them away. We saw several el-
derly women go eleven times in and out of the house
during these transactions, wearing a serious counte-
nance, and sometimes speaking to the false faces
as these prodigies were called.

We asked our Interpreter the meaning of these
transactions, but he evaded our interrogations, telling
us it was only play, & again that there was a
company of Women there drinking whisky and