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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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that he was not willing to take any part of pay for it, but
could not make us understand him, therefore he
had brought the money along, in order to give it back
to us, we received the Money, expressed our sensibi-
lity of his kindness & presented him with the same
Money for his trouble of bringing us down in the
Canoe, upon which terms he readily receiv’d it.

2nd day 28th

About 12 OClock the Indians were gen-
erally collected in council, there being five or six
of their most respectable old Women present. Soon
after we were seated Cornplanter made a pretty
lengthy speech which seemed not to be addressed
to us, but to some of the Indians present, & when
he had closed the Interpreter inform’d he had been
expostulating with one of his people about some
misconduct and after a short pause he inform’d
us, that they were now collected together & ready
to hear what we had to say to them.

After this information we were a few minutes
silent under a serious exercise of spirit for best
direction in our communications & c. to these people
which is a state apparently very irksome to most
of them, as they too generally appear much unac-