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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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which he shewed some reluctance at taking but as he could
speak no English we were at a loss to know whether his
apparent reluctance proceeded from an apprehension
we did not offer him enough, or from an intention of
giving us the meat; we however prevailed upon him
to take receive the money. We afterwards made him under-
stand we wanted to go down in a Canoe to Jenuchsheda
ga, where we had appointed to have a council tomorrow
he made signs, that he would go with us when the sun
got to such a place, pointing with his hand; he then
left us & we went to dressing our meat, which was a
very acceptable supply, as we had not so much of our
own left as would make a meal for one person, &
had heard of none to be purchased in this Country,
tho’ we had made considerable inquiry.

About 4 in the afternoon, three of our company
together with the aforesaid Indian set off in a ca-
noe for Jenuchshedaga leaving two of our young
Men to come on horseback in the morning, some
time after we arrived, the Indian who accompani
ed us, handed Cornplanter the money we had given
him for the meat, saying something to him in their
own language, and in a few minutes Henry Obeal
inform’d that he said, he intended to give us the meat