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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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quainted with any thing like inward stillness: We
were in a short time favoured with a degree of weight
and strength to make some introductory communica-
tions pertinent to the nature of our business; & these
read the following propositions viz’ts.

To Cornplanter, and all our Indian brothers, of
the Seneca Nation now living on the Allegeny River

We have not been several days amongst you,
& have had councils with your Chiefs & wise Men,
& we have looked about your Country & agreed upon
a place for our young Men to begin on & we are glad
& thankful to the great Spirit, that every thing
we have proposed for your good, has been so agree-
able to your minds that we seem to agree together
like Brothers, having but one mind in every thing
we do, & we hope Brothers we shall continue to be
of one mind about all the things which we have
been speaking to you of.

You know the place we have chosen
for our young Men to begin on, up at Genisenguh-
and we hope some of your sober young men will
settle by ours, and fence of Lots, as they see our young