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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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of the Indians, who know this Navigation well,
began to doubt whether our Boat could come up;
but the present rain appears likely to afford a
reasonable & plentiful supply.

7th day 26th

This morning the river appears to
have risen about 18 Inches, tho’ hardly perceiva-
bly muddy; The day being fair considerable pro-
gress was made in our clearing, in cutting and
heaping old Logs grubbing & c. in which we had
sometimes the help of a neighbouring Indian,
whose strength & activity evince there was nothing
wanting but the will to make him a full work-
man at business of this kind.

1st day 27th

This being first day, about 11 OClock
we sat down together for religious retirement, which
thro’ favour was a strengthening time to some of us.
Soon after the close of our sitting & whilst we were
preparing what little provisions we had left for
our dinners, an Indian came into our Cabbin
with a quantity of fresh venison in his hand, &
presented it to one of our company we supposed
these was about 4 lbs for which we offered him pay