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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joshua Sharpless diaries, Vol. 1 1798

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favoured with the renewed extendings of divine regard
to the contriting of our Spirits & strengthening of our
Minds in the work in which we are embarked & we trust
it was a time to be encouragingly remember’d by our
friends when we are seperated from them.

We now sensibly feel the want of our Goods, which we
cannot look for in less than a Week from this time, the
season for planting corn being fully come, we are in
some doubts of getting much of that valuable article
in, so as to answer a good purpose the present season
but it is thought best to use considerable exertions for
the attainment of so desirable an end; & our young Men
propose having a piece of Ground cleared & in readiness
for the plough against the arrival of our boat, that no
time may be lost, with respect to getting in as much
of this grain as our circumstances will admit.

6th day 25th

This being a rainy day very little was
done at our clearing, one of our young Men was em-
ploy’d in baking of bread, & some other of our company
in writing & c.

We have had very little rain since we left home
till yesterday, & the river was got so low, that some